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VedicTree Foundation is developing a sustainable economic model for rural communities: a circular closed-loop system that creates electricity, fuel, food, and eco-products while benefiting the environment.

Ultimately the aim is to cultivate and inspire nourishing, regenerative ecosystems around the world that promote health, wellness, quality of life, quality of food, and prosperity. The model respects and benefits the interdependent health of animals, the earth, and humanity.

Inspired by ancient Indian ideas, healthy and happy cows are central to the model. They are valued partners in the ecosystem, generating both health and wealth.

The cow dung and urine provides fertilizer as well as energy, through a biodigester that converts the manure into eco-friendly fuel and electricity. These become the inputs for organic, pesticide-free, farming, providing high quality food for both people and animals. Beyond dairy and bio-energy products, the farm yields grains, fruits, vegetables, and honey, as well as eco-products like paper and herbal medicine.

The first center, in Uttar Pradesh, India, achieved self-sustainability in about two years. It was founded by Abhinav Goswami, who built a successful corporate career in the United States before returning to his hometown in rural India with a mission.

The next step is to start a center in America—in Texas—to establish one the nation’s first such regenerative farms and demonstrate its benefits to communities even in the context of a modern, developed economy.

We need your support. Learn more at VedicTree.Org.

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More than 75% of Earth’s land is substantially degraded, caused by chemical-heavy industrial agriculture, deforestation, and global warming. (National Geographic / IPBES 2018)

“Soils are the basis of life. 95% of our food comes from the soil.” In 2014 a senior UN official warned that our soil, food, water, and air are being degraded to the point that the Earth will no longer be able to support farming in 60 years. (Scientific American / UN Food & Agriculture Org 2014)

A major part of humanity’s development and progress must be redefining our relationship with the environment and with agriculture.

Jerry Lynch, Chief Sustainability Officer at General Mills, said Regenerative Agriculture “lifts so many boats: water quality, soil health, reduced carbon footprint, increased biodiversity, and farmer profitability and economic resilience.” (Fast Company / General Mills 2019)

Goals And Timelines
Mar (Q1):
Acquire land and permanent location for first US center

Jun (Q2):
Acquire first 5 cows

Sep (Q3):
Start cow-based activities (organic farming, fertilizer)
Open to visitors

Dec (Q4):
Active and operational non-profit
Introduce first of products
Expand capacity to 100 cows
Seed model in other locations