Gurukul Goals

Gurukul was a type of education system in ancient India with shishya (students) living near or with the guru, in the same house. The guru-shishya tradition is a sacred relation which is the main goal of developing the gurukul. With the help of Gurukul, Students will not only get the theoretical knowledge but they will also get the extra skill based and spiritual based knowledge. They will also get the facility to live in the campus with their guru’s so they can learn from their gurus as much as possible.
Gurukul helps the student to become strong both physically and mentally and ready to challenge the world in any areas and also teach the students to work for the contribution of their mother nature.

Gurukul Vision

❀ Natural development for physical, mental and spiritual development.

❀ Residential facility for Boys/Girls and Gurus

❀ Class rooms with modern technology with ancient wisdom

❀ Under the tree sitting area to practice and explore their knowledge

❀ Universal library and digital access to books across globe

❀ Music theater with ancient and modern musical instruments

❀ Physics/Chemistry/Biology/Agriculture/Computer labs for students and teachers

❀ Skill development center to provide hands of training and certification on 20+ life supporting skills

How is the Gurukul system different ?

Gurukul provide the education similar to ancient Gurukuls provided. It will not just focus on the modern education as what we can see in our surroundings. Instead it will provide the modern education as well skill based knowledge like learn about the farming strategies for more and better crop production, how different machines works,  about how equipment designed and many more such things that will increase the mental strengths of the students.  Gurus will also teach about the spiritual knowledge that enhance the decision making power among students and one more thing students will consume the food that will produced from organic farming that also helps to increase their physical and mental strength.


Gurukul encourages the students to enhance their potential and based on their learning they can be a part in developement of our nation. Campus has been designed for both teachers and students so both of them can also stay in the campus and can learn various other skills that will enhance their overall personality.

Gurukul Campus provides natural environment and Class room with modern technology with ancient touch. With Gurukul, students can explore their knowledge with nature and also be able to connect with the nature.Various labs is available like Computer/Physics/Biology/Agriculture/Music that will provide the practical knowledge to students.

Gurukul provides the theoretical as well as practical knowledge to the students so they can learn each and every lesson in a detailed and more understanable way so that can be retain in their mind for long period of time. So they can experience maximum use of their knowledge.


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